Course by Department
In order to be compliant with the HB 2504 statutes, each public
college in the State of Texas must provide several pieces of information
on a public facing web page. AC will be collecting the instructor vita
and each course syllabus from all instructors.

Department of Welding Budget
Building Rental $2000.00 
Classroom Supplies $3499.00 
Classroom Supplies $49030.00 
Copier $250.00 
Faculty-Full Time $95256.00 
Faculty-Full Time, Overloads $6000.00 
Faculty-Full Time, Summer $2400.00 
Faculty-Part Time, Fall/Spring $9600.00 
Faculty-Part Time, Fall/Spring $3600.00 
Faculty-Part Time, Summer $4800.00 
Inventoried Minor Furn & Equip $1500.00 
Minor Furniture and Equipment $1101.00 
Minor Furniture and Equipment $3000.00 
Office Supplies $250.00 
Repairs $2000.00 
Travel-Professional or Develop $920.00 
Total for Department $185206.00

Course by Department