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In order to be compliant with the HB 2504 statutes, each public
college in the State of Texas must provide several pieces of information
on a public facing web page. AC will be collecting the instructor vita
and each course syllabus from all instructors.

Contact:Angelina College
3500 South First Street
Lufkin, TX 75904

Division Telephone:(936)633-5246
Academic Degrees: University of North Texas - BAAS
Angelina College - AS
Microsoft Certified Professional Microsoft - Certified Professional - No Expiration
Microsoft Technology Associate - No Expiration
CompTIA IT Fundamentals - No Expiration
TEA Instructor Certification - 7/2021
Teaching Experience: IT/STEM Instructor - Lufkin High School - 2005 - Present
Alpha Software Tester - iOmega - 2004 - 2005
Work Study Computer Science Lab - Angelina College 2001 - 2004

Semester CourseId Title StartDate Days StartTime Syllabus Survey
Fall 2016 CPMT1311 XL1161S INTRO COMP MAINTAN  8/24/2016  MTWRF  09:30AM  syllabus survey
Fall 2016 CPMT1311 XSP161F INTRO COMP MAINTAN  10/18/2016  MTWRF  09:50AM  syllabus
Fall 2016 ITNW1325 I01161S FUND OF NET TECH  8/24/2016    TBA  syllabus survey
Fall 2016 ITNW1325 XL1161S FUND OF NET TECH  8/24/2016  MTWRF  11:20AM  syllabus
Fall 2016 ITNW1325 XSP161F FUND OF NET TECH  10/18/2016  MTWRF  11:20AM  syllabus
Spring 2017 CPMT1311 XL1162S INTRO COMP MAINTAN  1/17/2017  MTWRF  09:30AM  syllabus  
Fall 2017 CPMT1311 XL1171S INTRO COMP MAINTAN  8/28/2017  MTWRF  09:30AM  syllabus  
Fall 2017 ITNW1325 XL1171S FUND OF NET TECH  8/28/2017  MTWRF  11:20AM  syllabus  
Spring 2018 CPMT1311 XL1172S INTRO COMP MAINTAN  1/16/2018  MTWRF  09:30AM  syllabus  
Spring 2019 CPMT1311 XL1182S INTRO COMP MAINTAN  1/14/2019  MTWRF  09:30AM  syllabus