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In order to be compliant with the HB 2504 statutes, each public
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Contact:Angelina College
3500 South First Street
Lufkin, TX 75904

Division Telephone:(936)633-5255
Academic Degrees: B.S. Animal Science, Louisiana State University, 1997
M.S. Environmental Biology, Hood College, 2004

Teaching Experience: Randolph Macon Academy, Science Department:Biology & A.P.Environmental Science Faculty,2004-2005
Louisiana State University, Department of Biological Sciences, Biology II Lab Instructor, 2005
U.S. Army, Radiation Health and Safety / Environmental Health Instructor, 2000-2003

Semester CourseId Title StartDate Days StartTime Syllabus Survey
Fall 2016 BIOL1408 001161S BIOL NON-SCI MJRS I  08/24/2016  M W  08:00AM  syllabus survey
Fall 2016 BIOL1408 002161S BIOL NON-SCI MJRS I  08/24/2016  M W  09:30AM  syllabus
Fall 2016 BIOL1408L00A161S BIOL I LAB  08/24/2016  03:00PM  syllabus survey
Fall 2016 BIOL1408L00C161S BIOL I LAB  08/24/2016  03:00PM  syllabus
Fall 2016 BIOL1409 003161S BIOL NON-SCI MJRS II  08/24/2016  T R  11:25AM  syllabus survey
Fall 2016 BIOL1409L00B161S BIOL II LAB  08/24/2016  01:00PM  syllabus survey
Fall 2016 BIOL2401 C75161S ANAT & PHYSIOLOGY I  08/24/2016  05:00PM  syllabus survey
Spring 2017 BIOL1408 001162S BIOL NON-SCI MJRS I  1/17/2017  M W  09:30AM  syllabus  
Spring 2017 BIOL1408 002162S BIOL NON-SCI MJRS I  1/17/2017  M W  11:25AM  syllabus
Spring 2017 BIOL1408 I02162S BIOL NON-SCI MJRS I  01/17/2017    TBA  syllabus  
Spring 2017 BIOL1408L00A162S BIOL I LAB  1/17/2017  01:00PM  syllabus  
Spring 2017 BIOL1408L00C162S BIOL I LAB  01/17/2017  01:00PM  syllabus
Spring 2017 BIOL1409 002162S BIOL NON-SCI MJRS II  1/17/2017  T R  08:00AM  syllabus  
Spring 2017 BIOL1409L00C162S BIOL II LAB  1/17/2017  11:00AM  syllabus  
Spring 2017 BIOL2401 L91162S ANAT & PHYSIOLOGY I  01/17/2017  03:00PM  syllabus