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In order to be compliant with the HB 2504 statutes, each public
college in the State of Texas must provide several pieces of information
on a public facing web page. AC will be collecting the instructor vita
and each course syllabus from all instructors.

Contact:Angelina College
3500 South First Street
Lufkin, TX 75904

Division Telephone:(936)633-5255
Academic Degrees: Stephen F Austin State University -- graduate coursework, MS Mathematics in progress
Western Governors University -- MA Mathematics Education
Oregon State University -- elementary teacher certification program
Western Oregon University -- BA Interdisciplinary Studies
Chemeketa Community College -- AAOT and AGS

Teaching Experience: Angelina College, adjunct, Fall 2013-present
SFA, graduate teaching assistant, Fall 2012-Summer 2013

Courses for AVRILA KLAUS
Semester CourseId Title StartDate Days StartTime Syllabus Survey
Fall 2016 MATH0010LN6B161S MATH LAB  8/24/2016  04:00PM  syllabus  
Fall 2016 MATH0330 N65161S INTERMEDIATE ALG  8/24/2016  M W  02:30PM  syllabus  
Fall 2016 MATH1324 L91161S MATH FOR BUS/SOC SCI  8/24/2016  T R  07:30AM  syllabus survey
Spring 2017 MATH1325 L91162S CALCULUS-BUS/SOC SCI  1/17/2017  T R  07:30AM  syllabus survey
Spring 2017 MATH1342 L91162S ELEM STATISTICS  1/17/2017  T R  09:00AM  syllabus  
Spring 2017 MATH1342 L95162S ELEM STATISTICS  1/17/2017  06:00PM  syllabus
Summer II 2017 MATH0320 002164S INTRO ALGEBRA  7/11/2017  MTWR  12:00PM  syllabus  
Fall 2017 MATH0010L00L171S MATH LAB  8/28/2017  01:10PM  syllabus survey
Fall 2017 MATH0010L00Q171S MATH LAB  8/28/2017  02:35PM  syllabus
Fall 2017 MATH1314 L91171S COLLEGE ALGEBRA  8/28/2017  T R  09:00AM  syllabus survey
Fall 2017 MATH1324 L91171S MATH FOR BUS/SOC SCI  8/28/2017  T R  07:30AM  syllabus  
Spring 2018 MATH1325 L91172S CALCULUS-BUS/SOC SCI  1/16/2018  T R  07:30AM  syllabus survey
Spring 2018 MATH1342 L91172S ELEM STATISTICS  1/16/2018  T R  09:00AM  syllabus survey
Fall 2018 MATH1314 L91181S COLLEGE ALGEBRA  08/27/2018  T R  09:00AM  syllabus survey
Fall 2018 MATH1324 L91181S MATH FOR BUS/SOC SCI  08/27/2018  T R  07:30AM  syllabus survey
Spring 2019 MATH1325 L91182S CALCULUS-BUS/SOC SCI  01/14/2019  T R  07:30AM  syllabus  
Spring 2019 MATH1342 L91182S ELEM STATISTICS  01/14/2019  T R  09:00AM  syllabus