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Contact:Angelina College
3500 South First Street
Lufkin, TX 75904

Division Telephone:(936)633-5246
Academic Degrees: Angelina College - EMT

Senior Master Automotive Technician - KIA, acquired multiple certification 2000-current
Gold Master Technician - GM, acquired multiple certifications 1986-current
ASE Master Technician - 2013-2018
Teaching Experience: Professional Association of Dive Instructors, EFR instructor, IDC instructor, Open Water instruct
or , Advanced and Resuce Instructor 2002-current

Wright Motor Co.; Auto Technician, 1703 S. 1st St.; Lufkin, TX 75901 04/12-08-13
Barrett Bros Motor Co. GM & Kia, Auto Technician, 1703 S. 1 st St.; Lufkin, TX 75901 05/86-4-11

Courses for JOHN BATSON
Semester CourseId Title StartDate Days StartTime Syllabus Survey
Fall 2014 AUMT1407 001141S AUTO ELECTRICAL  8/27/2014  MTWR  08:00AM  syllabus  
Fall 2014 AUMT1410 001141S AUTO BRAKE SYSTEMS  8/27/2014  MTWR  01:00PM  syllabus  
Fall 2014 AUMT1416 001141F SUSPENSION/STEERING  10/20/2014  MTWR  08:00AM  syllabus  
Fall 2014 AUMT1419 001141F AUTO ENGINE REPAIR  10/20/2014  MTWR  08:00AM  syllabus  
SPRING 2015 AUMT1445 001142F AUTO CLIMATE CONTROL  3/23/2015  MTWR  01:00PM  syllabus survey
SPRING 2015 AUMT2417 001142S ENG PERF ANALYSIS I  1/20/2015  MTWR  01:00PM  syllabus  
SPRING 2015 AUMT2425 001142S AUTO TRANS/TRANSAXLE  1/20/2015  MTWR  08:00AM  syllabus  
SPRING 2015 AUMT2434 001142F ENF PERF ANALYSIS II  3/23/2015  MTWR  08:00AM  syllabus survey
SPRING 2015 AUMT2480 001142F COOP-AUTOMOTIVE TECH  5/18/2015  MTWRF  08:00AM  syllabus  
Fall 2015 AUMT1407 Y81151S AUTO ELECTRICAL  8/31/2015  MT  06:00PM  syllabus  
Fall 2015 AUMT1410 Y81151S AUTO BRAKE SYSTEMS  8/31/2015  WR  06:00PM  syllabus  
Fall 2015 AUMT1416 Y81151F SUSPENSION/STEERING  10/19/2015  MT  06:00PM  syllabus  
Fall 2015 AUMT1419 Y81151F AUTO ENGINE REPAIR  10/19/2015  WR  06:00PM  syllabus