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In order to be compliant with the HB 2504 statutes, each public
college in the State of Texas must provide several pieces of information
on a public facing web page. AC will be collecting the instructor vita
and each course syllabus from all instructors.

Contact:Angelina College
3500 South First Street
Lufkin, TX 75904

Division Telephone:(936)633-5265
Academic Degrees: Loyola University New Orleans: DNP
Loyola University New Orleans: MSN
Belleview University Nebraska: BS
McLennan Community College, Waco: AAS
Texas RN License, Exp: Aug 2016
BLS CPR Instructor, Exp: April 2017
Teaching Experience: Angelina College Nursing Instructor, July 2009 - May 2012, Aug 2013 - present
McLennan Community College, Assistant Professor / Nursing Instructor, Aug 2012 - June 2013
Sam Houston State University, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Jan 2016 - present
McLennan Community College, Fill-in Clinical Instructor, 1990 - 1992
Providence Hospital, Nurse Educator, February 2005 - June 2005

Publications: Decreasing Incivility in Nursing, Beginning with student nurses. Nursing2016 (August, 2016)
Battling student incivility. Guest speaker Nurse Educator's Conference in the Rockies (July, 2015)

Semester CourseId Title StartDate Days StartTime Syllabus Survey
Fall 2014 HITT1305 I04141S MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY  8/27/2014    TBA  syllabus survey
Fall 2014 RNSG1412 003141S NURS CARE CHILDBEAR  8/27/2014  MT  12:45PM  syllabus survey
Fall 2014 RNSG2460 00C141S CLINICAL NURSING  8/27/2014  WR  06:30AM  syllabus survey
SPRING 2015 HITT1305 I05142S MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY  1/20/2015      syllabus survey
SPRING 2015 RNSG2121 Y02142S MGMT CLIENT CARE  1/20/2015  01:00PM  syllabus survey
SPRING 2015 RNSG2121 Y04142S MGMT CLIENT CARE  1/20/2015  01:00PM  syllabus
SPRING 2015 RNSG2313 002142S MENTAL HEALTH NURSIN  1/20/2015  09:45AM  syllabus survey
SPRING 2015 RNSG2363 00C142S CLINICAL NURSING  1/20/2015  WR  06:30AM  syllabus survey
SUMMER I 2015 HITT1305 I02143L MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY  6/01/2015    TBA  syllabus  
SUMMER II 2015 RNSG1260 00B144S CLINICAL NURS-TRANS  7/13/2015  MTWR  TBA  syllabus  
SUMMER II 2015 RNSG1327 002144S TRANSITION LVN TO AD  7/13/2015  MTWR  TBA  syllabus  
Fall 2015 HITT1305 I04151S MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY  8/26/2015    TBA  syllabus survey
Fall 2015 RNSG1412 003151S NURS CARE CHILDBEAR  8/26/2015  MT  12:45PM  syllabus survey
Fall 2015 RNSG2460 00C151S CLINICAL NURSING  8/26/2015  WR  06:30AM  syllabus survey
Spring 2016 HITT1305 I05152S MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY  1/19/2016      syllabus survey
Spring 2016 RNSG2121 Y02152S MGMT CLIENT CARE  1/19/2016  01:00PM  syllabus  
Spring 2016 RNSG2331 003152S ADV CONC ADULT HLTH  1/19/2016  09:00AM  syllabus survey
Spring 2016 RNSG2363 00C152S CLINICAL NURSING  1/19/2016  WR  06:30AM  syllabus  
Summer I 2016 HITT1305 I02153L MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY  05/31/2016    TBA  syllabus  
Summer I 2016 RNSG1260 00A153F CLINICAL NURS-TRANS  07/05/2016  MTWR  TBA  syllabus  
Summer I 2016 RNSG1327 001153F TRANSITION LVN TO AD  07/05/2016  MTWR  TBA  syllabus