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In order to be compliant with the HB 2504 statutes, each public
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Contact:Angelina College
3500 South First Street
Lufkin, TX 75904

Division Telephone:(936)633-5222
Academic Degrees: North Harris County College - AA - 1988-75 Hours
Sam Houston State University - BA -1993 61 Hours/ Grad 6 Hours/ UTAM - 6 Hours 1993 graduate study f
University of Central Texas - Master of Criminal Justice - Alpha Phi Sigma36 Hours
University of Central Texas - Master of Psychology (Counseling Psychology - Substance Abuse)54 Hours
American Psychology Association - Associate Member #9435-0102
Lambda Alpha Epsilon -Criminal Justice/Fraternity -1994/Alpha Phi Sigma National Criminal Justice
Teaching Experience: Angelina College Instructor Adjunct 2001 to Present
Sinclair Children's Center 1998-2000 - Counselor
Serenity Ranch Treatment Center 1996 -1998 Substance Abuse Counselor -12 Step Program
Central Texas Council on Alcholism and Drug Abuse 1993-1995 - Project Director/Substance Abuse Couns
Temple Independant School District 1992-1994 Full Time Sub teacher
Adult and Adolescence Counseling Center 1993-1996 (Counselor III -Internship)

Courses for ANN APA
Semester CourseId Title StartDate Days StartTime Syllabus Survey
Fall 2014 PSYC2301 002141S GEN PSYCHOLOGY  8/27/2014  M W  01:10PM  syllabus survey
Fall 2014 PSYC2301 082141S GEN PSYCHOLOGY  8/27/2014  06:00PM  syllabus
SPRING 2015 PSYC2314 Y01142S LIFE SPAN  1/20/2015  08:00AM  syllabus survey
SPRING 2015 PSYC2314 Y03142S LIFE SPAN  1/20/2015  04:10PM  syllabus
SUMMER I 2015 PSYC2301 001143S GEN PSYCHOLOGY  6/01/2015  MTWR  08:00AM  syllabus  
SUMMER I 2015 PSYC2314 001143S LIFE SPAN  6/01/2015  MTWR  10:00AM  syllabus  
SUMMER II 2015 PSYC2301 001144S GEN PSYCHOLOGY  7/13/2015  MTWR  08:00AM  syllabus survey
SUMMER II 2015 PSYC2314 001144S LIFE SPAN  7/13/2015  MTWR  10:00AM  syllabus survey
Fall 2015 PSYC2301 002151S GEN PSYCHOLOGY  8/26/2015  M W  01:10PM  syllabus survey
Fall 2015 PSYC2301 082151S GEN PSYCHOLOGY  8/26/2015  06:00PM  syllabus
Spring 2016 PSYC2314 002152S LIFE SPAN  1/19/2016  T R  08:00AM  syllabus survey
Spring 2016 PSYC2314 Y02152S LIFE SPAN  1/19/2016  05:30PM  syllabus survey
Summer II 2016 PSYC2314 001154S LIFE SPAN  7/12/2016  MTWR  10:00AM  syllabus  
Fall 2016 PSYC2301 002161S GEN PSYCHOLOGY  8/24/2016  M W  01:10PM  syllabus survey
Fall 2016 PSYC2301 083161S GEN PSYCHOLOGY  8/24/2016  06:00PM  syllabus
Spring 2017 PSYC2314 002162S LIFE SPAN  1/17/2017  T R  08:00AM